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Prosthetic Breast Form by Amoena

Your Source in Cambridge for Prosthetic Breast Forms

At Fran’s we offer quality, service and selection for prosthetic breast forms in Cambridge. Our professionally trained staff can help you find the right breast form or partial prosthetic that suits your needs. We are registered with the ADP. We look forward to serving you with confidence. Contact us today to schedule a professional fitting.

Standard Silicone

Translucent in colour, silicone closely resembles the natural breast in terms of weight and movement.

Lightweight Silicone

About 30% lighter than standard silicone breast prosthesis, lightweight silicone is made by adding material to make it lighter and more comfortable to wear. Many women prefer the comfort of this material.

Massage Forms®

ABC® carries a range of products that are uniquely designed with channels on the back layer that massage, hug and cool your body.

Gel Back Breast Forms

Providing extra security and comfort, these breast forms contour to your chest and provide extra comfort and security. These are ideal for women who have an irregular chest wall.


This product is ideal if you have had a lumpectomy or reconstructive breast surgery, shapers or “partials” add balance and symmetry to your shape.

Leisure & Swim

Designed for swimming, recreation and leisure, we have an assortment of forms for post-surgical needs. Enjoy swimming with silicone breast forms which have a durable polyurethane covering that is resistant to chlorine and salt water.

Custom Made Prosthesis

Fran’s now has the Perfect Silhouette™ custom made breast prosthesis. This option is realistic and natural. The prosthesis duplicates your original breast leaving you with more confidence about yourself again.


Amoena’s PurFit Adjustable Enhancer

Amoena’s PurFit is easy to use and can be adjusted for a natural shape. Lightweight and washable, it is optimum for all day comfort.



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