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Certified in Cambridge for Compression Stockings & Arm Sleeves



Our staff at Fran’s is certified and trained to measure and fit Sigvaris support and compression stockings and arm sleeves in Cambridge. We are the number 1 dealer in the area for the Lympha Press®. The Lympha Press is an at home therapy system for lymphedema. Lymphedema of the arm can be a side effect of breast surgery or radiation following breast surgery. These products are useful for both men and women prescribed compression therapy by their doctor. For more information about our compression therapy services, call or visit us today.




  • Lympha Press®
  • Sigvaris
  • Juzo


For customers suffering from mild lymphedema from breast cancer, we now carry Juzo compression wear. These stylish and comfortable compression stockings and sleeves provide constant compression all day while fitting in with your outfit. These latex-free, lycra options provide graduated compression on the areas where you need it. Stockings compress from the ankle and decrease up to the knee and sleeves start at the wrist and decrease up the arm. With compression, lymphedema patients can increase circulation and minimize swelling.

Contact us today and ask about the breathable and comfortable Juzo compression wear options we have that fit in with your wardrobe.

Juzo Sleeves
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